Monday, January 19, 2009

Italian Classes

Since arriving, we have not only began, but finished a crash course in the language of Italian, and managed to do so in a mere ten days. 

Professor Barbara Zaczek came from Clemson to stay with us in the Villa and meet with us
during these ten days for 3 hours a day. She was absolutely wonderful; because of her we were 
able to quickly learn enough of the basics to get us by during our semester abroad. 
Professor Barbara also made it possible for us to have two delicious meals while here so that we could practice using the Italian we had learned. Our first meal was at a restaurant down by the port one of the first nights Barbara was here. We were treated to a full 4th course meal at  i Tre Merli at a special price. We really enjoyed the food, but had a great time trying out our Italian!

Our group at i Tre Merli 

The other restaurant we visited was the day of our last class and the night before Barbara was to head back to Clemson. It too was very delicious, and being that we went at the end of our ten day crash course, hopefully our Italian was a little better than at the first restaurant we visited!
A group of us at dinner with Barbara on her last night in Genoa. 


We really enjoyed having Barbara in the Villa teaching us our new native language. She really is an excellent professor who knows much about the Italian language, and is an asset to the Clemson University faculty and staff. We were very sad to see her go! Thank you SO much Barbara! 

Sweet Barbara and her friends that let us practice our Italian on them. 

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