Monday, April 13, 2009

Our 2nd 10 Day Trip: Venice, Padova, Vicenza, and Bologna, Part 2

On April 8th, we visited Villa Rotonda in the morning. We were very exciting because Villa Rotonda is one of the famous villa designed by Andre Palladio. Villa Rotonda has a very unique layout. It has four symmetrical façade with project portico. The interior of the villa is filled with beautiful fresco painting. The central hall of the villa is surrounded by a balcony and covered by a dome ceiling.

In the afternoon we visited the Teatro Olimpico with Dr. Wilma Barbieri. The theater was also designed by Andre Palladio. The stage inside of the theater use false perspective to make the background seem farther away.

Walking toward Villa Rotonda 

Teatro Olimpico designed by Andre Palladio

Interior of Teatro Olimpico 

On April 9th we went to the city of Verona for a day. Some of us visited the Verona Arena that is famous for opera performance.  Later in the afternoon we went to Museo Di Castel Vecchio designed by Carlo Scarpa. 

Verona Arena 

Currently building the supports for the stage 

Castel Vecchio by Carlo Scarpa 

Interior of Castel Vecchio 

Concrete steps in Castel Vecchio 

Use the wrong foot and see what will happen 

On April 10th we arrived to Bologna the last major city for our ten days trip. The hotel that we stayed was wonderful because it was located in the middle of the city next to Piazza Maggiore. We walked around the city on our own in the morning and meet up with Dr. Anna Brini in the afternoon for a guided cultural tour. We walked around the medieval market and tried out some of the famous chocolates in Bologna. At the end of our tour, we were surprised by the cold cut tasting meal. 

One of the shop designs by Carlo Scarpa in Bologna 

Cultural guided tour with Dr. Anna Brini 


On April 11th we went to Parma for a one day trip. We visited the Piazza dalla Pace, Duomo, Battistero, Auditorium Paganni and the Cimitero di San Cataldo. 

Niccolo Paganini Auditorium design by Renzo Piano 

April 12th, the last day of our ten days trip was Eastern Sunday, we went to Museum of Modern art in the morning and some of us went to church service afterward. At the end of the day we came back to Genoa to our wonderful Daniel Center.

Sketches from our trip:

Sketch of Villa Rotonda 

Sketch of interior of Villa Rotonda 

Student sleeping on the train to Bologna 

Another student sleeping 

Piazza Maggiore 

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